Voiceover Print

New audio series, Blackbirds: Volume 1 narrated by Sabah El-Amin and directed by fellow member Keena Ferguson is now available,

Abie Ekenezar will voice Ahdri in The Fantasy Network animated feature ElfQuest,

Ella Tureene lends her voice to the animated darling My Day with the Panye for Amazon,

Ashleigh Crystal Hairston kicked off the 5-part Season Finale of Craig of the Creek and the show received it’s 2nd Daytime Emmy nomination,

Messeret Stroman Wheeler lends her voice to ‘Second Sight’ for the American Slavery Project, which she also produces,

Misty Monroe Clark brought her comedic flair to the animal kingdom for When Nature Calls,

and Mildred Langford was spotted on billboards for Cedars Sinai. She also voices the spot for KPCC!