Mallory-Artese Grants

Here and Ready is excited to introduce our 2023 winners of The Mallory-Artese Grants for Black Actress Excellence

The Mallory-Artese Grants for Black Actress Excellence

Named to honor American social justice leader and movement strategist Tamika D. Mallory and American actress, dancer and Here and Ready member Donielle Artese, the grant provides yet another opportunity for our Black actress community to shine. In their moving submissions, our winners shared their commitment to the craft of acting and how that commitment has influenced their creative choices and civic engagement. Most importantly, they identified a clear plan on how The Mallory-Artese Grants for Black Actress Excellence would keep them moving toward their goals.

“The goal is to move the masses. We should always be willing to do that.”

Financially empower members

During the selection process, the Here and Ready team was motivated to seek out more ways to financially empower and directly showcase their members. This is a career that demands longevity for those who can afford it, and assistance at any level can help a performer stick with their chosen path.

“I hope this BLESSES the recipients beyond measure…that this puts them on the path of great, lifelong success.”

Networking for Black actresses

Here and Ready is a nationwide networking collective and resource group exclusively for Black actresses. Started in 2019, Here and Ready celebrates a spirit of community over competition supporting more than 1,300 members through enrichment seminars, casting director workshops and valuable facetime with industry professionals. 

“The business of acting is expensive, and even after school it takes a lot to get started in the business or maintain your career. This grant will help our members keep the dream alive.“

Learn more about how you can join Here and Ready’s mission to build connections, community and opportunity for Black actresses. Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated. 

Please join us in congratulating the following:

We congratulate these winners and look forward to their creative pursuits!

Anna Cooper

Los Angeles, CA

Monique A. Robinson

Philadelphia, PA

Audrey Booth

Portland, Oregon

Cyn Hilaire

Los Angeles, CA

Each recipient will receive:

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